Friday, September 26, 2008

Who choose your baby's christening gown ?

We all have our own unique traditions which are passed down generation to generation. Christening, Baptism and Naming Day are just some of them. I was born and raised in Poland. It is our tradition, that the Godmother buys the christening gown for her Godchild. Usually the parents don't even see the christening outfit until the Christening day. The Godfather brings a gift of his own, a gold chain with a pendant and he puts some money inside the baby's bootie .

Traditions can be very Orthodox church, the Godparents are expected to buy the whole outfit : christening gown,socks, singlet, oil, soap, towels, candles, gold chain as well as christening cake and paying for the christening service itself.

How about you? Who chose the Christening gown or outfit for your baby or Godchild ? And who paid for it ?


Katman said...

we paidfor our own...but we really expected that we would have to. i wouldlike it if our daughters used their christening gowns to their daughters.

don't know if i should have said ideas would you put you out of business if anyone took any notice of me!!

Unique Gowns said...

Oh, no it won't ! I love handmaking unisex christening gowns, which will be passed down the generations. I think it is so special ! I would suggest adding each child's name and the date of christening somewhere on the slip . It will keep a record of just how special your family christening gown really is ! Just think.... I will be long gone, but my christening gowns will remain for generations to admire ! This is my love and passion !

Katman said...

you do so have a passion for your craft. and what a great skill you have!

it's a lovely thought to think your work will be passed down through generations.

hey, i'll email you soon about google analytics