Monday, September 22, 2008

Unique.Christening Gowns - giveaway free short gown

I have a brand new giveaway for the readers and visitors to Unique.Christening Gowns blog.....
Up for grabs is this short butterscotch shantung satin gown. Length from neck to wrist 32cm,total length 47cm.

So, here are the rules:
This will be based on points and here is how you can get points.
1. One point when you post a comment to this topic.(one point per comment)
2. Three points when you mention this giveaway on another blog (send me a link, three points per link).
3. One point for every dollar spent on any items from my website
Unique.Christening Gowns by Dana
4. Three points for any referral who places an order from my website. (send me the name of the referral).
Should you be using more than one name in the blogging world please let me know.

The contest will end 22nd september 2008. Whoever gets the most points will win !
Good Luck ..... Dana


Katman said...

Cool! Goodluck Dana. Will do my best to promote yu, regardless of the competition incentive :-)

Unique Gowns said...

Katman being the only entry in this competition makes you the winner ! Second time around, I remember you missing out on the personalised bib competition !

I have left aa comment on your blog , please email me your postal details. Dana