Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unique Christening Gowns - christening family traditions

This year has brought in a turn around in family christening traditions. I have been asked to make long traditional christening gowns for baby boys' christenings. It seems that a lot of new parents are turning back the clock and opting for long baptismal gowns for their sons who are baptised under the age of 6 months. I think this is great ! This is very practical.... you need to choose one unisex christening gown ,that will be passed to all your babies.
I have heard, that with each additional child being baptised in the same gown a new motif can be added to the gown. Whether it is a piece of lace, some beads,new satin ribbon or few grab roses...leaving a personal touch with each christening. How clever, don't you agree ?
I was born and raised in Poland. My family tradition is to purchase a pure white christening gown for each child.

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