Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Unisex christening gown - making p3

I thought you might like to see the making of the silk matching bonnet. I decided to embroider the brim of the bonnet with the same delicate heirloom motif as on the christening gown's skirt. No, the bonnet will not have any matching lace panels. I think nice and soft around the face will be pleasing to the parents' eye.


Anonymous said...

I have only had a quick look here before and didn't realise that you MADE these gowns yourself!!!

Unbelievable! They're so beautiful!

Unique Gowns said...

I am glad you like them ! They are "my babies" and I am so frilled when people drop by to say hello..... Dana

CraftNchat said...

Your work is truly beautiful. I have noticed in our church that more people are going to the effort of having a traditional christening gown for their child, which is great. I was lucky my mother made the gown for my daughter. Keep on sewing!