Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unisex Baptism Gown - special order

Do you recall me telling you about the couple choosing a gown for their son ? Well, they have compromised. Dad chose white silk fabric and the guipure / venise lace for the gown... from the original gown he liked. Mum piked the white silk thread heirloom embroidery and the traditional long gown design with a lovely matching bonnet.
As you can see from the photos I have finished the embroidery for the gown..... and my blood boiled ...... right there 12 cm above the hemline..... this massive fault in the silk. I have noticed it while ironing out the embroidery. Now, the spot it is in... I can't cut it, because the gown is to be traditional heirloom length....
I had to pack the whole thing and take it to my silk supplier. Let me tell you I was not impressed :) Mangit is great she took one look and lost it herself !!! Her importer swore by the quality of the silk. She exchanged the remainder of the silk ( over 20 meters ) for the brand new shipment. I must admit we ended up unrolling the new roll and checking its quality. I am very particular about the quality of my gowns. I pride myself on the perfect baptismal and christening gowns... I do not take short cuts or sell faulty outfits.

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