Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unisex Baptism Gown - special order p 6

I love the delicate lace around the bonnet :-) Please pay special attention to the inside of the bonnet.... The panel of lining covers the bonnet's back seams. Lot's of TLC( tender love and care ) is paid to all my gowns, making them very unique - one of the kind- unique christening gowns......
The same soft, fine guipure lace trim was used around the sleeve's edge to soften the gowns look. Around the wrist, I have attached few 3mm white double sided ribbons to be used to tie up into a small bow .
This ensemble is finished. I am very happy with the final look. It is a very stylish unisex gown and I am sure the parents, who put the design together will be over the moon with their purchase.

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