Friday, June 20, 2008

How to measure for Boy's Christening wear

Hope this will be helpful for supplying measurement information for your chosen baby boy's christening outfit.


Bunny said...

Sorry I took so long to respond but DH and I have been traveling. I like your command of the computer and showing the lines. Do you have a reference for the letters that are next to the lines? Perhaps some text about where to actually measure on the body, ie, is "R" to the wrist bone? I really like how you did the pants as I have been needing to measure my grandtwins for pants and this is a good pic. On the pants is "C" the waist measurement or the hip measurement so you can pull up the pants over a diaper? Just some thoughts in response to your request for feedback, all given in the spirit of constructive criticism. Hope this helps.....Bunny

Bunny said...

I just looked long and hard at the pics and realized that your customers would measure and provide you with the measurements corresponding to the letter. Am I off here? On the girls gown it is clearer with the additional text. Seems like we were on the same page after all...Bunny

Unique Gowns said...

Bunny, I am not sure about the command of the computer... I had a go though.
Yes I make my christening "babies" to measure. A lot of parents find it very funny !
You are right.... now I can see that lettering should have been done diffrently for boys garment. I will need to attend to that.
I am gratefull for your feedback :-)