Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unique. Christening gowns - Customer comments

I have been asked about customer comments re. my handmade christening wear.I have listed some of them below...

Hi Dana,
I am so glad I found you on the net. The christening gown is absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled with it. Just a quick question, do you leave the ribbons on the bonnet and bib long so I can cut them down to the right length?
Regards Caroline
Hi Dana,
Thanks for showing me all your beautiful gowns today.
I showed my husband the pictures on your website, and I'm pretty sure we will go with the "Ben" romper, I just want to show the Godparents first before ordering.
Thanks Lisa

I am so happy that you can ship to me...your rompers are great and I will spread the word!!! I am interested in the "ben" or "angel" model. I have a baby boy... I am not sure if you custom-make the embroidery...I really like "ben" but I love the God Bless on "angel"...but I am not sure if it is too girly. Do you do custom details? Either way you have the most unique outfits on the internet. I live all the way in the United States (chicago, IL) and have been searching for months...yours are the best!!!
Thanks so much Gina
(Sorry I wrote so early, isn't it like 7:00a.m. - it is 6:00p.m. here...WOW, you are on top of E-mails)

Hello Dana
The christening gown and bonnet are just so beautiful....thank you so much for the care and effort you took to create them. I just think they’re the sweetest things and I’m so appreciative that you made them up so quickly. I will take photos of Evangeline wearing her outfit on the day and with my brother and SIL’s permission, I’ll send you a copy. She’s such a little tom boy that I’m looking forward to seeing her in a pretty dress.Thank you once again !
Kindest regards Annie

Hi Dana
Finally picked up the stoles from our po box today, thank you so much, they are just beautiful, thanks again for your great assistance.
Kind regards, Coralee.

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