Monday, June 9, 2008

Christening photo

Few years ago,I have received this christening day photo from one of my customers. It has to be one of my favourite pictures :) I have been told, that the priest has complemented the parents on a well kept family heirloom gown. Imagine his surprise and disbelieve upon hearing that this unique silk gown has been hand made only few weeks prior to the little girl's baptism !!!


HisPrincess said...

Such beautiful gowns! Almost makes me wish mine were babies again (almost!).

Thanks for visiting my blog and offering support. It's been so lovel to get people to come along and comment.


Unique Gowns said...

I love babies too..... this is one of the reasons whay I have directed my passion for sewing to christening gowns...I love to hold the babies, talk to them, make them laugh, tickle their toes.... There is nothing more precious in this world than our babies..... Dana

deb said...

just gorgeous!! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)