Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Making matching silk booties

This is how I make a pair of silk booties.

Final product
Silk booties are decorated with matching silk covered button handstitched to hold the matching colour double-sided satin ribbon in place.

The finished inside sole of a bootie. Notice there are no seams showing & no loose cotton.

For more information visit Unique Christening Gowns website

Handstitching in the inside lining of the bootie, by turning the lining under the rough edges are hidden.


Toptattyhead said...

Hello "Unique Gowns"!
Thank you for leaving such a lovely message on my blog.
I'm so glad that you liked the tatted lace Christening bootees. Of course, those particular ones are scaled down to fit on the cake, but a pair done to baby size and lined with some of your beautiful silk would make them very special.

Unique Gowns said...

Thank you for your compliment Linda. Do you acctually use normal guipure lace in the process of making those sugar booties ?