Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Christening Day stories

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who is game enough to share their babies' christening day stories with us. A very wise man told me not too long ago that I should start writing some of mine.....well, where do I start ?

I think the most imprinted into my memory is the day I have met Melody.I believe she arrived from U.S.A. four days before her granddaughters' christening. She was stunned,when she realised the the christening gown she purchased for the event was missing from her luggage ! No, it wasn't stolen , she simply left it hanging in the window, back at home in U.S. She meant to pack it at the very last minute to minimize the creasing of the silk.

and this story

Few years back a very kind Nana wanted to keep her grandson calm during the baptism ceremony. She decided that a biscuit would do the trick.... well it sure did !!! She gave him a chocolate teddy bear , when the parents realised what was happening it was too late . The melting chocolate came dripping down the front of the white silk romper.

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